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Oasis Cafe Bakery


In 1986 three brothers had a vision to start a bakery that would culminate in some of the finest tasting desserts in New York. The bakery at Oasis is the nucleus of the whole business. It’s the first venture into the marketplace to satisfy customers who were seeking something different. Something innovative. Over time our dessert list evolved into a magnificent opus of delicious choices. We offer Traditional Greek Desserts, Crepes, Homemade Desserts, Creamy Cheesecakes, Delicately Whipped Mouse, and Chocolatey Delights. All desserts are made fresh daily, in house. If this sounds like a dream, you’d most certainly be right. Oasis is the illusion you always wished for.


Oasis Cafe Restaurant


Oasis is New York City’s illustrious Cafe & Lounge that encompasses New York City’s vibe, taste, and quality. Based in Flushing, New York, we are an all inclusive experience that includes bakery, coffee, food, cocktails, catering and live music. In January 2016 the bar and DJ booth was rebuilt to create a prestine lounge environment. At Oasis, you can expect a diverse crowd of New York City’s hip generation. We make vintage current and style fresh.

The food and cocktail menu is fresh off the press… Come try it!



Here at Oasis, we make catering convenient. We offer in house and out of house catering for parties and events. This includes selections from our bakery. Allow us to alleviate the head ache of party & event planning. We’ll take over and provide the necessary means to an end we can all cheers to! Book now with Oasis and feel forever at peace.




Coffee is the single most important start of any decent person’s morning. It’s also the “go to” pick me up after a long day’s work. At Oasis, we take pride in a rare coffee selection that will make you re-consider your coffee drinking standards. We literally hand picked a Coffee Steward from Greece to scout, research, and pick the best of the best. With creative French Press names like “Indian Monsooned Malabar,” “Guatemalan Antigua,” and “Ethiopian Yirgacheffe” how can you not tempt your taste buds to indulge?